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chrystal phan

visual artist


Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Once for  a While   -   Jan-Feb 2022   -   Chapel Gallery   -   Victoria, BC

Once For A While is a series of paintings that tell the story of a Vietnamese family’s awkward attempts to integrate into Canadian life.  It explores the idea of whether narrative visual art featuring racial minorities can impact how viewers think about immigration.

The six compositions will be exhibited in January-February 2022 at the Chapel Gallery in Victoria BC.

 I acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


Detail from "Christmas Dinner"



About Me

Artistic Training

2020 - Private Instruction, Steven Assael
2019 - Workshop, Alyssa Monks
2017-19 Atelier Studio Classes, Nicole Sleeth

Artistic Statement

I like to see the darkness in everything. There’s mystery in the dark so we have to rely on all our senses, our assumptions, and biases to make sense of a poorly illuminated image. And as a result, everyone sees something different that reveals something about themselves.

Group Exhibitions & Publications


ArtAscent Art & Literary Journal 47 February 2021

10th Annual All Women Online Art Exhibition, Light Space & Time  Online Art Gallery - Special Recognition for Excellence in Art for 'china town' 12"x24" oil on canvas


Sooke Fine Art Show


AIRE The Annual International Representational Exhibition, Vancouver

Sidney Fine Art Show

Sooke Fine Art Show


For available works and information on commissions


Victoria BC Canada

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